BBC-Orthotec LAB is a laboratory specialising in devices for orthodontics and dental sleep medicine. We manufacture orthodontic and anti-snoring appliances based on our innovative products.
Digital workflow:
We manufacture our devices in Germany, using intraoral scans or plaster models and both digital and conventional techniques.
The BioBiteCorrector® Sleep Appliance is designed digitally, using 3D software. Then the splints are milled (CAD/CAM process).
The BioBiteCorrector® Herbst Appliance is designed digitally, using 3D software.

Modern digital workflow

Creation of the equipment by convenient 3D-Scan

Production in Germany

All our products are made in Germany

Flexible products

The products are interchangeable and modular

The custom-cast Herbst appliance

The digital BBC Herbst


  • Digital 3D design
  • High wearing comfort thanks to flat BBC SA design
  • Construction bite is not required
  • All BBC components can be replaced chairside
  • Reliable BioBiteCorrector® hinge benefits

starts at 449,- €*

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The appliance is available with the following hinges:

with BioBiteCorrector Hinger
starts at 499,- €*

with Dentaurum Herbst TS Hinge
start at 489,- €*

with Scheu Herbst Hinge
starts at 449,- €*

starts at 359,- €*

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BioBiteCorrector Twin Appliance

The modern functional appliance


  • The BioBiteCorrector MS & SP can be unscrewed from the Schwartz plate and later fixed to a multi-bracket appliance on the same patient
  • Construction bite is not required
  • Without lateral occlusal pads, for easy deep bite correction and higher wearing comfort
  • Does not cause any tongue space restriction, so that speaking comfort is higher
  • Also available as a milled splint
  • Reliable BioBiteCorrector® hinge benefits

BioBiteCorrector Sleep Appliance

The anti-snoring device with a titanium ball-joint hinge


  • Anti-snoring hinge made completely of titanium
  • Biocompatible and hypoallergenic
  • Thermoactive flexibility
  • MMA-free (0% residual monomer)
  • Self-adjusting with memory effect
  • Low-level vertical bite opening
  • Infinitely variable calibration
  • Calibrated activation with spacer
  • High wearing comfort thanks to ball joints
  • Digital 3D-Design (CAD/CAM)
  • Splint surface design with occlusal support
  • Reliable BioBiteCorrector® hinge benefits
  • Premium-quality milled splints
  • High wearing comfort thanks to flat design

CAD/CAM milled splint


Splint surface design with occlusal support


All-titanium, including ball joints

starts at 479,- €

starts at 259,- €*

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Digital Hyrax-GNE / RME

Digital tongue guard


  • Antatomical fit appliance
  • Digital Design
  • Maximum effect with small reduction of tongue space
  • Stable and rigid construction
  • Individual design with sharp or rounded edges

starts at 349,- €


*All prices excl. VAT, valid from 1st Jan. 2020.