BioBiteCorrector® with transparent aligner

All BioBiteCorrector (BBC) versions can be combined with a transparent aligner or splint.
The BioBiteCorrector is a highly versatile hinge, suitable for retention devices, removable functional devices or sleep appliances.

The BioBiteCorrector versions MS (without compression spring) and SP (with compression spring) are screw-connected to a square wire, which is embedded in the splint. If necessary the BBC hinge can be unscrewed from the splint.

The BioBiteCorrector SA (without compression spring) and the BioBiteCorrector FA (with compression spring) Versions with a flat wire connector are directly embedded in resin.

BBC MS and SA versions work based on the functional principles of the Herbst-appliance and therefore does not have an internal coil spring.
The splint can be fabricated using completely digital or conventional processes.