BioBiteCorrector® System

The BioBiteCorrector Hinge is a versatile mandibular protrusion hinge designed for the following BBC applications:

  • Treatment of Temporomandibular joint diseases
  • Treatment of primary snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnoea in dental sleep medicine
  • Orthodontic correction of Angle Class II malocclusions
  • Use as an anchorage appliance for orthodontic gap closure in the posterior region of the lower jaw


BioBiteCorrector® MS

BioBiteCorrector® SP

BioBiteCorrector® SA

BioBiteCorrector® FA

Orthodontic applications

The BioBiteCorrector (BBC) appliances are mainly used to correct an Angle II malocclusion in orthodontics.

Use of the BBC can avoid extraction of permanent teeth or even surgical corrections of Class II malocclusions.

The fixed appliances:
The fixed appliances (e.g. BBC Herbst / BBC with Multibracket appliance)
can be used for patients who are non-compliant in wearing removable devices or show low residual jaw growth, for adolescents and adults.

The removable solutions:
In combination with removable dental braces the BioBiteCorrector hinge forms a modern functional orthodontic appliance.

The BioBiteCorrector Twin Appliance combines high speaking and wearing comfort with reliable therapeutic success.

Two treatment philosophies:
The BioBiteCorrector hinges are available with and without internal coil spring.

The BioBiteCorrector MS and SA versions (without compression spring) are largely based on the functional principles of the Herbst appliance. This passive-rigid appliance is able to precisely guide the mandible into bilateral Class I occlusion and therefore does not need coil springs.

Hybrid Appliances:
The BioBiteCorrector SP und FA versions (with internal compression spring) guarantee a certain amount of protrusion of the mandible due to their rigid parts, and their internal coil spring (240cN) also ensures gentle advancement.

Applications in general dentistry

The BioBiteCorrector MS and SA versions without internal open coil spring are used as a lower jaw protrusion hinge in dental sleep medicine and in TMJ therapy. BioBiteCorrector SA and MS are the first mandibular protrusion hinges made entirely of titanium.

The BioBiteCorrector Sleep Appliance is used to treat primary snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnoea.

In TMJ therapy, the BioBiteCorrector SA and MS versions are used for mandibular advancement splints.


BBC-Sleep Appliance





  • Biocompatible Titanium

    The BBC designs are entirely manufactured of titanium and laser welded. Fixing screws and spacers are manufactured of titanium as well. BBC SP and BBC FA versions have an internal stainless steel spring.

  • Functional principle of the Herbst appliance without the use of coilsprings

    The BBC MS and BBC SA appliance does not use coil springs, unlike most other intermaxillary non-compliance Class II appliances. The BioBiteCorrector® is largely based on the functional principles of the Herbst-appliance.

  • Internal spring mechanism

    BBC SP and BBC FA versions advance the lower jaw with a gentle spring force. The internal stainless steel compression spring has a force of 240cN.

  • Direct Class I with precise adjustment of the mandible

    Using the C-shaped titanium spacers, which are clamped on the telescope bars, the mandible can be advanced easily and precisely.

  • Easy handling

    The BBC MS and BBC SP are supplied completely pre-assembled and ready to install. There is no need for orthodontists to assemble the device from various parts.

  • Multibracket appliance: Bands and Tubes are not required

    Thanks to the screwable connection, the BBC does not require bands on the molars for proper placement of the appliance.

  • Screw Connectors

    The BBC MS and BBC SP screw connectors guarantee a quick and easy inserting process. This design prevents any sliding on the wire and causes no pressure on the adjacent brackets.

  • Ball Joint Design for better comfort

    The ball joints enable lateral movements and sufficient opening of the mouth, improving wearing comfort.

  • Multi-telescope design

    This design ensures extended mobility without disengaging like the conventional Herbst-appliance.

  • Available in Two Sizes

    Standard is the most commonly used size; 23mm in length, extends up to 57mm. Small can be used if there is an extraction in the upper jaw. 19mm in length, extends up to 45mm.


BioBiteCorrector® MS


BioBiteCorrector® SP


BioBiteCorrector® MS and BioBiteCorrector® SP

BioBiteCorrector versions MS (without compression spring) and SP (with compression

spring) have a screw connector. These versions can be screwed to a square wire.

BioBiteCorrector MS and SP versions are always placed interproximally due to their screw connectors. The screw connector is placed between the canine and the 1st premolar in the lower jaw, and between the 1st molar and the 2nd premolar in the upper jaw.

The BioBiteCorrector® SP supports the advancement of the lower jaw with an internal coil spring. The BBC MS works based on the functional principles of the Herbst-appliance and therefore does not have an internal coil spring.

BioBiteCorrector® SA


BioBiteCorrector® FA


BioBiteCorrector® SA and BioBiteCorrector® FA

The BioBiteCorrector SA (without internal spring) and the BioBiteCorrector FA (with internal spring) designs have a flat wire connector. This connector can be directly polymerized into resin or fixed on special tubes (see BioBiteCorrector Herbst appliance).

Thanks to the flat wire connector, the BioBiteCorrector SA and FA versions are placed centrally on the 1st premolar in the lower jaw and on the 1st molar in the upper jaw.
So these connectors do not have to be placed interproximally, like the screw connectors of the BBC SP and MS.

The BioBiteCorrector® FA supports the advancement of the lower jaw with an internal coil spring. The BBC SA works based on the functional principles of the Herbst-appliance and therefore does not have an internal coil spring.