BioBiteCorrector® Sleep Appliance:
The anti-snoring device

The BioBiteCorrector® Sleep Appliance (BBC SA) is designed for the treatment of simple snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA).

The BBC SA is the world’s first anti-snoring appliance featuring all-titanium mandibular protrusion hinges with ball joints.

Titanium is biocompatible and hypoallergenic.

The hinge is light, slender and at the same time extremely sturdy. Thanks to four ball joints, the BioBiteCorrector Sleep Appliance enables all mouth and jaw movements. This ensures high speaking and wearing comfort.

Anti-snoring appliances are a proven alternative to snoring therapy with a respiratory mask (nCPAP).

The BioBiteCorrector Sleep Appliance enlarges the airways including the pharynx by advancing the lower jaw and the tongue. This helps to treat obstructions of the respiratory tract and prevent snoring and sleep apnoea.


  • Biocompatible titanium

    The BioBiteCorrector® SA is the first mandibular protrusion hinge made completely of titanium.

  • Customized splint design

    As preferred by the therapist, and based on the actual anatomical findings.

  • High speaking and wearing comfort
    • Low-level vertical bite opening
    • Without unlocking process
    • Unrestricted mouth opening
  • Direct adjustability

    With precise lower jaw adjustment by means of C-shaped spacers.

  • No tongue space restriction

    This design does not reduce the wearing comfort or lead to tongue retrusion.

  • Ball joints in the upper and lower jaws

    Enable lateral lower jaw movements and increase wearing comfort.

  • Multiple telescope

    This design ensures extended mobility without disengaging like the conventional Herbst-appliance.

  • Digital design

    The BioBiteCorrector® Sleep Appliance can be fabricated using completely digital or conventional processes.


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