BioBiteCorrector® Herbst

The CAD/CAM BBC Herbst


  • High wearing comfort thanks to flat design
  • High patient acceptance
  • Construction bite is not required
  • All BBC components can be replaced chairside
  • High speaking comfort
  • Completely digital CAD/CAM manufacturing process
  • Metal-3D printing
  • BioBiteCorrector® SA and FA hinges can be combined with a BBC Herbst
  • Reliable BioBiteCorrector hinge benefits:
    • Ball joint design for better comfort
    • Ball joint design enables lateral movements and sufficient opening of the mouth, improving wearing comfort
    • Multi-telescope design ensures extended mobility without disengaging like the conventional Herbst appliance

Starting from 499,- €*

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Placement in detail

Completely digital design

Detail view

Metal printed without a weld

lndividually bending a stainless steel wire

Stainless steel wire with BBC

Bending the distal end of the wire