BioBiteCorrector® TWIN

The BioBiteCorrector SA Twin (BBC-Twin) is a removable functional appliance for the correction of Class II malocclusion.


  • Does not cause any tongue space restriction for high speaking comfort
  • The BBC Twin has no occlusal pads, for easy deep bite correction with high wearing comfort
  • The BBC Twin Appliance has the proven reliable BioBiteCorrector telescope advantages
  • The result is high wearing and speaking comfort with reliable therapeutic success

All BioBiteCorrector (BBC) versions can be used to fabricate a BBC Twin appliance. The BioBiteCorrector versions MS and SP are screw-connected to a square wire, which is polymerized into an active plate (Schwartz plate).

If patient compliance is insufficient, the BBC hinge can be unscrewed from the Schwartz plate and later fixed to a multi-bracket appliance on the same patient.

The BioBiteCorrector SA (without compression spring) and the BioBiteCorrector FA (with compression spring) Versions with a flat wire connector are directly polymerized into resin.

The flat wire connectors are placed centrally on the 1st premolar in the lower jaw and on the 1st molar in the upper jaw. They do not have to be placed interproximally like the screw connectors.

Re-use on the same patient:


BioBiteCorrector MS/SP



BioBiteCorrector MS/SP